Farm Fresh Vegetables turned one.

by Farm fresh

Farm Fresh celebrated first birthday on 1st Jan'21. 

It's been an exciting and adventurous year for us and an emotional one too.

The journey started with just a few vegetables on 1/1/20.

We are proud to be the first of its kind store in Mancherial. A proper store for vegetable and fruit lovers.

You could just walk in and take your time to select whatever you like and in any quantity you like. Pay for exct quantity you picked, not more not less.

As and when customers asked for a certain product we went ahead and added them to our shelf. This is how the number and variety of products increased over the year.

We added fruits, dryfruits, chocolates, icecreams, dairy, pickles, nonveg pickles, spices, flours, rawa, soya, sauces, ketchups, bread and jam, snacks etc.

At the time of writing this article, we have more 170+ products selling on our website and in store.

We kept going despite the Covid-19 impact.

We had to take an emotional and business decision during the lock down.

We had two choices

 1. Keep allowing customers inside and risk the spread of infection to our customers. This would mean business runs as usual but with a high risk of infection as there will be contact with produce and distancing is not possible.

2. Restrict entry and avoid direct contact with the produce . This would mean less customers, increased work load and low business. But, ensures safety of our customers and reduces risk of infections.

We chose #2, because for us safety and health of our customers is the first priority.

We had a huge impact of the voulume of customers and sales. But, we were relieved and happy that we chose our customer's health and safety.

This increased trust and strengthened relationship with our customers. We received a lot of support and appreciation for doing the right thing for our customers.

We are customer focused and always will be.

We focus on customer requirements, convenience and satisfaction more than profit and competition.

We started home delivery - we wanted to do more to ensure customer safety and increase convenience.

There was a huge positi response to the home delivery service. Customers were hapoy with the quality of the products and packaging. Also, it reduced risk and increased convenience.

We introduced our online store on Diwali (Second week of November) to further enhance customers experience.

Online store increased safety of our customer as one could order from anywhere get everything home delivered. Increased convenience - location and time independent, you coud order anytime from any where.

Literally anywhere in the world !!

Yes, we received and delivered orders from US . (Ofcourse, delivered locally 😁)

As the number of available products has crossed hundred, having a website helped our customers with selection of products.

We have seen amazing response to the webstore.

Customers liked having the freedom of location, time and increased convenience. 

Over all our first year was a colorful one, with adventure and fun, taking risks and building trust, increased customer convenience and satisfaction.

We love our customers and Thank you all for being with us in our baby steps through the first year.

Have a good day.


Farm Fresh Staff.